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March 5: Paper Plate Chicken 

You’ll need: paper plate (yellow), orange and yellow pipe cleaners, sticker/something for beak, googly eyes. 

  1. Cut the yellow pipe cleaner in half. Fold each in half to make wings, and tape or glue them to the back on the sides. 

  2. Next, cut the orange pipe cleaner in half. Bend them at the bottom to make feet and tape/glue them onto the back at the bottom. 

  3. Use a sticker or something else to make a beak. Place it in the middle of the paper plate on the front. 

  4. Last, glue on the google eyes or draw on eyes. 


March 12: Coffee Filter Rainbow 

You’ll need: coffee filter, string/pipe cleaner, markers 

  1. Cut the coffee filter in half. 

  2. Draw on a rainbow, filling the whole filter, leaving a bit of space between each color. 

  3. When you are done, spray the coffee filter with water to make the colors bleed together. 

  4. When it is dry, you have a rainbow! To hang it up, poke a hole at the top and put the pipe cleaner or string through. 


March 19: Popsicle Stick Dragonfly 

You’ll need: popsicle stick, two pipe cleaners, markers/crayons to decorate 

  1. Color the popsicle stick however you want to make the body of the dragon fly. Draw on eyes at the top of the stick. 

  2. To make the wings, twist each pipe cleaner around the middle of the stick, with even amounts of pipe cleaner on each side, 

  3. Bend each of the ends back to the middle to finish the wings. 

March 26: Paper Bag Bunny 

You’ll need: googly eyes, paper bag, brown paper, pink paper, pom-pom 

  1. Set the bag on the table so the opening is at the bottom and the bottom flap is on the top. 

  2. Cut out a circle and two ovals in pink. Then cut out two bigger ovals in brown. 

  3. Glue the pink ovals on the brown oval, and attach them to the back of the bag facing forward. 

  4. Glue the pink circle onto the middle of the bag to make the bunny’s stomach.       

  1. Lastly, draw on a mouth, whiskers, and attach the pom-pom nose.