North Trails Library is part of the Butler County Federated Library System. Our goal is to always provide quality library service to all residents of northern Butler County Pennsylvania, USA.

Kathy Kline



Lily Murray

Youth Services Coordinator


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Like many of the smaller area libraries, North Trails Public Library has an interesting story to tell. Our current location is the building that originally housed the Butler County’s Bookmobile collection, beginning in 2004. It was the first time in Bookmobile history that its collection was housed within the communities it served.  
In 2011, the Butler County’s Bookmobile ceased operations because the costs to run and manage it were becoming too expensive. Although the communities could always use the book repository for library needs, in 2011 serious efforts began to flip the site into its own rural, brick and mortar public library. And here we are today. We even still like to tell our visitors, “It’s just like visiting the bookmobile, only we don’t wiggle and jiggle.”
North Trails Public Library is dedicated to the growth of public library services for all residents in northern Butler County.  It serves REAL-LIFE NEEDS, not only in the basic literacy skills but also information literacy, civic and social connection, health literacy and financial literacy. What’s more: North Trails offers the only free internet connectivity in the area! Call us at 724-476-1006 or better yet, stop in to see what we can do for you!